The Call for Unconditional Love // Singapore

The word AGAPE is Greek for unconditional love.

Agape is selfless, sacrificial, unmerited love that one has for others. It is not based on a feeling, rather it is a determined act of the will, a joyful resolve to put the welfare of others above our own.

This was the foundation and belief that AGAPE Connecting People was founded upon – and this Agape love is evidently shown by what the company does.

Anil David, AGAPE’s founder, strongly believes that anyone with the desire and talent should be given an equal opportunity to succeed regardless of background. The lack of equal opportunity in society today is most evidently seen amongst the physically-challenged, seniors, and ex-convicts.

And this is the exactly the profile of people working at AGAPE – hired regardless of their past but because of their talent and tenacious spirit that defied the odds stacked upon them. They are a proud team of dedicated professionals, experienced and trained to ensure high success and quality service with every customer contact.

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Agape’s dedicated staff hard at work!
Call centre agent training session for inmates 

The recognition and training accrued to Agape’s staff has helped transform their lives and those around them.

Here’s the testimony of some amidst the many people transformed by the work at Agape:

Mr Tan, a call centre agent in Agape’s city office, was a stroke patient. He travelled via public transport from his home to the call centre in the city. The journey to and from work took a toll on him. Recognising the struggles of Mr Tan, Anil took the initiative to set up a secure personalised call centre so that he can continue to work – to support himself and his family.

Image taken from video by Honour Singapore, titled ‘Unbankable’

In Actxplorer’s visit to the call centre in the Singapore Changi Prisons, we met an inmate who expressed his immense gratitude for the opportunity to work at the call centre and to be trained in Human Resources and other management skills – skills that will help make him more employable after his release. He is currently the management head of the prisons call centre.


The opportunities provided by Anil is an outpouring of his gratitude to people who gave him second, third, fourth… chances over the course of his career. Anil understood firsthand how unforgiving society can be to an ex-convict, and how trust when broken is difficult to restore.

He went to prison and had the opportunity to work at a small call centre as the manager – a very rare job opportunity for someone behind bars.

Anil wanted to create more opportunities for marginalised communities having known firsthand, the transformative power and hope it creates for people.

How can you contribute to the work at Agape Connecting People?

In order for Agape to impact even more people, more business needs to be channeled to Agape.

Right now, the call centre in the prison hires about 50 inmates, but there is space for 100 people – in fact there is a waiting list of prisoners who wish to find employment in Agape.

If you would like to find out more about the suitability of Agape Connecting People as your business partner, drop us an email to indicate your interest to visit Agape call centre! We will let you know when is the next available date.

Previous visit to the call centre at Singapore Prisons with Anil David


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