From Syringe to Brush with Barry Yeow Session 1 // A Review

What seemed like an impossible task to complete was finally finished near the end of the 6 hour workshop with Barry Yeow. Here, we document some of the highlights of the workshop – lunch included 🙂

To get started, Barry shared some basics to the impasto technique. He shared where he bought the pastes from, which brands are better – for the wallet and in creating the kinds of effect you want in your painting. Participants were encouraged to come with an idea in mind. Barry facilitated in transferring their ideas into a painting that can be completed in 6 hours (and they all did eventually!)


hmm, wondering if she can get those flamingos to dance

After finalising their ideas, time to get their hands (very) dirty



Looking at his stance, you can tell that he’s quite a professional! 8)


After 3 hours of almost back-breaking work, time for lunch.

But Barry never stops teaching…


Eventually, all the hard work paid off!

Absolutely amazing what they have created in 6 hours!!

Here’s what two of Barry’s students had to say:



If you’re keen to join Barry in his upcoming workshops, check out the details below! To make it convenient for you, the sign up form can be found by clicking here!

If you want to read more about Barry, click here to read his story!


We hope to see you at the workshop!


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