Be a Milkman for a Day

See what it’s like to be a milkman and help give nutrition to local kids.

With widespread poverty around the country, many households continue to lack food security, leading to unbalanced diets and poor nutrition especially for growing infants and children. The issue at hand for the children is the access to nutrition of good quality, especially that of protein. With fresh meat being too expensive for the families to afford, they are forced to consume week old meat, leading to higher incidences of bacterial infections.

The team at YWAM piloted the soy milk truck program in order to bridge this issue of protein deficiency. Soy is an excellent source of dietary protein, and is widely used by vegetarians and vegans alike. The milk is prepared fresh in the day and distributed to the children of the slums in the afternoon.

Soy milk is a delicious drink that people of all ages can enjoy. Together with the volunteers, learn how soy milk is made so that you can do it at home yourself! Afterwards, set off and become a milkman for a day as you and the team distribute the milk to the children. Along the way, you’ll get a glimpse of a different side of Yangon, away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

If you’re in Yangon, make your holiday a meaningful one and see how your contribution can make a big impact! Your participation will cover the costs of soy beans for the whole week, and aid in the expansion of the project.

About the Host

YWAM stands for Youths with a Mission. They are an organisation that aims to reach out and tackle the needs of the poor. They have been serving the community through various means in hopes that the lives of the people can be improved. The team has come up with a host of projects to try and tackle the ever-present issue of poverty. Their hope is that one day Myanmar will be developed into a first world nation, liberating those trapped in the cycle of poverty.

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