Burmese Wood Carving

Carve out some time to carve some wood in Myanmar!

Pho Cho’s quaint, unassuming shop that features traditional Myanmar puppetry and wood crafts is tucked quietly in a side street, shrouded by trees. Learn the basic skills of wood carving with sounds of the trees in the wind, and turn simple blocks of wood into beautiful works of art. Pho Cho’s patient and clear teaching will ensure that you won’t leave Bagan empty-handed!

After some hard work, you can choose to have lunch or dinner at Pho Cho’s humble restaurant that serves up delicious local and Thai dishes, that taste like home. (Pho Cho cooks the food too – there’s nothing he can’t do!)

About the Host

Pho Cho learnt the crafts of wood carving and traditional Burmese marionette puppetry since he was a young boy. In his youth, Pho Cho learnt the art of traditional wood carving from a friend-mentor who was a teacher in the Arts College. The guidance he received helped him to develop a skilful passion for wood carving, and have now become an expert himself, which is clearly evident in his shop that has a wide array of intricately and meticulously carved pieces of art on display that visitors can bring home. Pho Cho’s son, Chit Swann Thu is an outstanding traditional Burmese marionette puppeteer having won the champion title for two consecutive years (2007 & 2008) in the Solo Dance Marionette Puppetry Competition held every year that features performers from all around Myanmar. He was taught by his father at a young age, and continues to hone his skills and passion as a young man today.

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