Bamboo Flute Crafting

Learn from a master to make your very own musical instrument!

Eryk’s flute making journey is a truly inspiring and unique one. It all started in 2007, as he was attending a training school in Davao, Philippines. During their siesta period, Eryk decided he would take a walk along the brook. It was there that he found a small piece of bamboo lying on the ground and decided to make something out of it. Without any prior knowledge of flute making, let alone any other instrument, he slowly began to create his very own flute.

Upon completing his first flute, Eryk knew he had another huge task at hand, he didn’t know how to play the flute. So with some prior experience with the guitar, he slowly began to learn how to play the flute, much to the annoyance of his wife. Today, with 9 years of practice, Eryk is a master at his craft and instrument. He is now able to create a host of other instruments out of wood and bamboo, instruments like the saxophone, ukulele, and cajon. The crafting of instruments is now Eryk’s bread and butter, and he sells them to support his family.


Learn how true perseverance and dedication can lead to something amazing. Eryk will guide you through the process of creating your very own personalised bamboo flute. He will also give you a basic tutorial on how to play it and play a simple music piece.

Included in this workshop is lunch prepared by Eryk’s wife, who is an amazing cook, and together they will show you the wonders of Filipino hospitality.

About the Host

I am an artist, a graphic designer, ventriloquist and love to create something out of raw materials. God has given me a gift and talent to create handmade musical instruments – Bamboo Flutes, Bamboo Saxophones, Bamboo Ukulele, Wood Ukulele, Cajon (Beatbox). These musical instruments have become my tools to encourage and share God’s love to people. This is also where we get support for my family and to be a blessing to our communities and our visitors.

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