Basket Boat Adventure

Traverse the peaceful waters of the beautiful coconut forest!

Tucked away about 5km from the center of Hoi An is the beautiful Bay Mau Coconut Forest. This dense forest was once utilised as a base for the resistance movement during the Vietnam war. It was the perfect hiding place for the revolutionary forces due to its complicated waterways and dense forests. Today, this peaceful forest is visited by locals and travellers alike.

On this adventure, you’ll travel the waters on the traditional thung chai or basket boat. This small circular boat is made by weaving bamboo and is capable of ferrying up to 4 people. Experience life on the river as we explore the traditional ways of the locals. Try your hand at fishing with traditional nets, and play folk games that have survived the test of time.

Explore the waters of Hoi An with us today!

About the Host

Hoi An Ecodiscovery was founded by Lan and her brother as a means to provide for the community. The beautiful town of Hoi An is one of the most visited spots in Vietnam, however despite the influx of tourism, many of the locals are overlooked. Hoi An Ecodiscovery provides alternate jobs and income to fishermen and villagers during the fishing off seasons. More importantly, the mission of the founders is to provide travellers with unique and fun activities that encapsulate the beauty of Hoi An. These activities aim to showcase the wonderful cultures and traditions of the native locals, to give travellers a truly immersive experience in Hoi An.

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