H’mong Homestay Trek

A unique trekking experience that will leave you with lasting memories of Vietnam!

Sapa is well-known for its stunning rice terraces and majestic mountains, and people from all over the world come to experience trekking here. Aside from the breathtaking mountain views, Sapa is a fantastic place to get to know some of the oldest cultures in the world.

In this trek, you’ll experience the livelihood and culture of the ethnic minorities of Sapa. The H’mong are one of the largest ethnic minorities in Vietnam, and are best know for their traditional indigo blue dresses. The Giay were once fishermen who fished with bamboo sticks. Now you are more likely to see them working in the rice fields, but their villages are still situated near the rivers.

This trek takes you through the H’mong villages of Y Linh Ho and Lao Chai (where you’ll be staying), Ta Van where you’ll meet the Giay, and Giang Ta Chai. You’ll be staying in the home of a local H’mong lady, where dinner will be cooked with an open fire.

This tour ends with a private car ride back to Sapa town.

Explore beautiful Sapa with us today!

About the Host

Founded in 2011, Sapa O’Chau is a social enterprise that empowers the ethnic minorities of Vietnam. Started by an enterprising young H’mong mother, the company now runs a trekking service, cafe and homestay. Their mission is to promote learning and provide sustainable employment to the communities of Sapa. The first ethnic minority led and owned tour operator in Vietnam, the enterprise helps fund a boarding facility with enrichment lessons for disadvantaged high school students from the local ethnic minority communities.

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