Miniature Vietnamese Food Art

Learn the art of creating clay miniature food!

With the help of your wonderful host, Mai, create all the famous traditional Vietnamese dishes. Food such as: Fresh spring rolls, fried spring rolls, Vietnamese pancake (Banh Xeo), broken rice, and much more!

Using air dry clay, Ms. Nguyen will teach you the delicate skill of miniature art, the techniques of colour changing with oil, and the process of “baking” to finalise the finished art piece. Don’t just eat these awesome foods in Vietnam, create your very own traditional foods and impress your friends back home with your amazing artistic skills!

If food isn’t your cup of tea, Ms. Phuong can also create beautiful fresh flowers that look as though they’ve been picked in the morning.

The art of food models began in Japan, and through the years have seen the size of these models grow smaller to symbolise this delicate art. Now, this craft can be found all over the world, with artists creating miniature models of traditional foods across the globe.

No prior experience needed.

An experience for all ages, and perfect for families!

About the Host

Finding her passion in clay art, Mai Nguyen quit her government job many years ago to fully pursue her dream. First chancing upon the craft from a video online in the year 2000, she then began her search for a teacher to learn from. From there, she utilised online instructional videos to continue to hone her skills. As she devoted more time towards mastering her art, the more she fell in love with it, eventually deciding to quit her job to recognise her passion. Mai is also an avid social worker, regularly holding training sessions in clay art for the disabled. Mai’s art is well known in Vietnam, even appearing on a local TV show!

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