The Community Farming Experience

Come and experience the life of a farming community and learn about the basics of living in a community!

Life as a farmer in a small rural town can be hard, as everything must be done by hand. It is a highly labour intensive job, as farmers need to water the field and fertilise it regularly. Farming is seasonal and is also vulnerable to weather fluctuations, and what you sow can easily be destroyed by unforgiving weather.

So spend a day in the life of a rural Vietnamese farmer, and understand where your food comes from!

Later on, you’ll get to pick the freshest produce of the day for your lunch cooked with love by Mother.

About the Host

We are an orphanage within a church compound. We provide physical and spiritual care for the 20+ children. We also run social enterprise businesses that aim to be self sustainable and be able to support the well being of the orphanage

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