Malaysia Social Enterprise Exploratory Trip

Serve and Learn in KL!

Malaysia’s social enterprise scene is growing. On this trip, we will visit several of them to find out why they do what they do, and the investment opportunities that their businesses require in order to impact more people. It will be an immersive experience, as we get to participate in hands-on activities and engage with the people who have been transformed by the works of the social enterprises.

Social Enterprises we will meet: 

Dignity School provides Montessori curriculum education for children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Students are taught in English and are equipped with values and skills that can facilitate their employment in good careers in the future. Through various social enterprises in the school’s vicinity such as a cafe, sewing and woodwork studio, an urban garden, and a bed-and-breakfast (coming soon!), students are given opportunities to practice in the real world.

at the sewing studio (source: actxplorer)
assessing the students on their urban gardening techniques (source: actxplorer)

What we’ve done with Dignity School: 

On a customised learning and service trip with Centre for New Life in Sept 2017, the team conducted a hands-on soap making workshop for the Grade 3 students as part of their enrichment curriculum to learn about the science and art behind soap making. The team also shared the technique they learnt (from a soap-making workshop in Singapore) with the teachers, so they can conduct it themselves with other students in the future.

Together with the staff from Dignity for Children foundation, a sanitation and family planning workshop was conducted for the rohingya community that the foundation has been serving and working with. Today (April 2018), Dignity for Children is still working closely with communities there.

The Picha Project is a social enterprise which aims to provide financial empowerment to the marginalised groups in Malaysia. They provide job opportunities to families from marginalised groups by creating a platform for them to cater food to the public, utilizing their existing cooking skills and equipping them further with professional guidance.

cooked with love by one of the Picha Project’s family (source: The Picha Project)
Picha Project’s open house session – where visitors learn how to make traditional Middle-Eastern cuisines (source: The Picha Project)

Tripper’s experience at Picha Project’s Open House session:

“It was really heartening for me to see young Malaysians leading, and helping the communities in need through such a business. And hearing about the struggles faced by the Syrian lady (who cooked so much awesome food for us) was heart-wrenching – it highlighted the realities of war in a very real way for me. Yet, despite all that she’s been through, she’s truly a overcomer. And I’m inspired by that few hours with her in her home.”

the spread is incredible
with one of the picha girls 🙂

Batik Boutique is an award-winning social enterprise created to disrupt the cycle of poverty in Malaysia. They train women from low-income backgrounds to produce gifts and fashion accessories made from a traditional Malaysian fabric called batik.


Actxplorer & the staff at Batik Boutique pop-up booth during a social enterprise conference in Kuala Lumpur (source: actxplorer)

The trippers designed their own batik prints with the help of the trainers from Batik Boutique.

Affordable Abodes develops new building materials that are environmentally friendly, and affordable for people who need it the most. Affordable houses are built for communities affected by natural disasters such as flooding, which is a common occurrence in Malaysia. We will visit the first ever house built using kenaf plant as a key building material, and understand the processes taken to construct one.

the first ever house built using the kenaf plant (source: actxplorer)

GOLD – Giving Opportunities for the Learning Disabled is a NGO established by a group of parent-volunteers since 2000. It aims to enhance vocational, recreational and life skills training programs, and to initiate work and social opportunities for people with learning disabilities. 

We were given the opportunity to witness the transformative work at GOLD, and got to have our lunch (nasi lemak, cookies, cakes, noodles, and more desserts) prepared by the students at GOLD!

cookies, lots of cookies!
sharing how cookies are made!

Hands-on Experiences: 

Learn to cook Afghan and Syrian cuisine from one of the refugee families engaged by The Picha Project. We will have an intimate dinner with the family to hear their stories of struggles, triumphs, and dreams for the future, and find out what motivates the three young ladies behind the Picha Project to embark on this journey as social entrepreneurs.

the founders of Picha Project at an open house event (source: The Picha Project)

We will learn batik painting by the staff of Batik Boutique, and turn your batik artwork into your very own fashion accessory.

ladies at work! (source: Batik Boutique)

Visit the kenaf farms that supply kenaf to Affordable Abodes – and try lifting the modular bricks used to build houses!

There will also be plenty of food stops at famous eateries all over KL!


It is our goal to distribute the fee fairly among all our partners.

The cost includes fees to social enterprises, local transport, accommodation, flight (subject to flight changes), guides, and meals.

The cost of this trip is about S$360/pax (subject to flight prices).

Your social impact

We hope that through this trip, you can become mouthpieces for these SEs – to raise awareness of their work beyond Malaysia, and serve as a connector between potential investors and volunteers to these SEs. Your presence and interest in their work will also serve as an encouragement for them to further their cause!

When will this trip take place? 

Indicate your interests here! Let us know which month is best for you.

Actxplorer may run the trip over a weekend in MayJuly, and September, depending on the interests generated.

Where are we headed to?

The points on the map below are rough estimates of where we will be heading to!