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Actxplorer is a travel-based social enterprise that aims to fight poverty by creating an inclusive and sustainable environment for local communities, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and social enterprises to benefit from tourism, volunteerism and impact investment.

We provide an Internet marketplace platform where locals’ stories and experiences can be shared with the world. We connect locals to the travelers around the globe who desire to participate in these experiences and adventures.

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We believe that while travelers seek fun and excitement in new overseas adventures, it is the purpose and meaning behind the experience, and the act of doing good, understanding and engaging a fellow human being that eventually gives them a deeper sense of fulfillment and joy.

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Through this trip, we got to interact with the local community and learn about the lives of Filipinos. My peers encouraged me to be confident and not be afraid of the communication barrier with the local children. We made ecobricks (building blocks), which is one way to recycle our plastic waste.

Manual labour was also very memorable and allowed me to experience what it is like to the locals building their new homes. I learnt to continue working for what is important even when it gets tough.

We visited the social enterprise university and exchanged ideas on how to better market their businesses. Through this activity, I learnt how to think flexibly and communicate my ideas effectively.

Overall, this trip has opened my eyes to the reality of the world and I have learnt many things, including the importance of creativity and keeping an open mind!

Sec 3 Student, Bukit Batok Secondary in Quezon City