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Actxplorer is a travel-based social enterprise that aims to fight poverty by creating an inclusive and sustainable environment for local communities, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and social enterprises to benefit from tourism, volunteerism and impact investment.

We provide an Internet marketplace platform where locals’ stories and experiences can be shared with the world. We connect locals to the travelers around the globe who desire to participate in these experiences and adventures.

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We believe that while travelers seek fun and excitement in new overseas adventures, it is the purpose and meaning behind the experience, and the act of doing good, understanding and engaging a fellow human being that eventually gives them a deeper sense of fulfillment and joy.

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I feel really happy after visiting Jakarta, YPU, and KDM. At first, I thought that this trip will be boring but I didn’t regret coming on this trip with my class. I think that my class spirit has become stronger and together as a class we can achieve a lot more together. I initially thought that visiting a country so close to Singapore will be a waste of time but I realised that Jakarta is a really nice place with a lot of interesting cultures and wonderful people. The people I’ve met at YPU and KDM are very friendly and always smiling, I will try to learn to be as positive as them.

Sec 3 Student, Westwood Secondary in Jakarta