Booking Policy

Fees and Booking Policy

Actxplorer is committed to providing excellent services at reasonable prices. In order for us to provide efficient and reliable platforms, we need to conduct maintenance works from time to time to support our infrastructure, develop innovative marketing campaigns to reach out to the masses, as well as geographical expansion to provide a wider variety of options for both our Explorers (travellers) and Hosts. All of these will be supported and financed through the transaction fees we collect.There are three components in our fees as follows. If you have any questions on our policy, please contact us at

Hosting Fee

This is the price listed on every trip posted on Actxplorer's website. It is the fee that the Host charges the traveler in exchange for the experience. This fee is determined by our Host and is usually calculated based on the amount of time the Host spends with the traveler, plus any other applicable cost such as the transport, food and drink, lodging, and any material and/or gears employed in the activities.

Processing fee

At Actxplorer, we spend a fair amount of our budget to marketing and we do not charge any fee for posting. We only charge a processing fee of 10% of the total value (Hosting fee) upon successful booking and fulfillment of the trip. This fee shall be deducted directly from the amount paid to Actxplorer. It is non-refundable in all circumstances.

Service fee

Actxplorer is committed to providing great experiences and easy browsing, which includes hassle-free booking and online payment. We charge the traveler a fee of 7% of the applicable Hosting fee listed on our site. This service fee will be displayed to the traveler during the payment check out.

Amendment policy

We understand that travelling itineraries are subjected to changes that could affect your booking with us. All our hosts are committed to do their best to accommodate any amendments. At the present moment, we allow amendments only to the date, time and number of people for the same tour that you have booked. We do not allow amendments to a different trip. In order to maintain the high quality of service provided, all amendments must be made at least 72 hours prior to the commencement of the trip, as our hosts are unable to accommodate amendments less than 72 hours in advance. There will be no additional charge, but booking fees are subject to changes after the amendment, and you are required to make immediate online payment for the additional amount, if any. Any refund arising from amendments will be processed according to the Refund Policy.

Cancellation policy

We allow cancellation of bookings to be done within 72 hours prior to the start of the tour. Any cancellations made less than 72 hours in advance will be considered a no-show and incur full booking charges. However, individual hosts may have slightly different cancellation policies outlined in each trip listing as they have to make payment to secure essentials, which may be non-refundable. Do read the cancellation policy when booking your trip, as some of them require a cancellation notice of at least 7 days in advance. The outcome of the cancellation will be sent to you via email. An approved cancellation request shall incur a processing fee of 10% of the total booking value in addition to the host’s cancellation policy.

Refund policy

All refunds arising from any amendment or cancellation shall be communicated through email from the Host to the Explorer (traveller). The refund will be processed within seven (7) working days from the email date. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions and Policies for details. You can also refer to our FAQ section or email us at