Traveller Frequently Asked Questions

General terms

  • Explorer: Someone who travels, tours, interacts, participates, or immerses in a curated or experiential trip.
  • Experience: A curated trip, journey, or tour.
  • Facilitator: Someone who interprets for the Host from Host’s own language to English or languages that the Explorer (traveller) and can understand.
  • Guest: Participants (Explorers) of the trip.
  • Host: Those who create, curate, lead or host the Experience.
  • Listing: The posting of a curated Experience on our website.
  • Post or Posting: The listing of a curated Experience.
  • Trip: The journey from the start to the end of a curatedEexperience.
  • Tour: Used interchangeably with trip.
1. What is Actxplorer?

Actxplorer originates from two words – Act + Explorer. It is a combination of two passions: acts of doing good and the joy of exploring. We believe that while we seek fun and excitement in new overseas experiences, it is the purpose and meaning behind the experience and the act of understanding or engaging a fellow human being that eventually gives us a deep sense of fulfillment and ultimate joy. In short, we provide travel with a purpose to interact, immerse, contribute, impact and invest in the locals and their communities.

Our mission is to create opportunities for the locals by empowering them to share their unique stories, experiences or projects with the world. We also create opportunities for the Explorer (traveller) to interact with, immerse in or impact locals and their communities.

>We serve as a marketplace for the locals’ stories to be posted on our site, and we connect them with Explorers (travellers) who desire to participate in these experiences.


1. How do I book a tour?

We suggest you first sign up as an Explorer (traveler). Membership is just a few clicks away. Once you are a member, you can browse, review and even save some of the interesting posts into your wish list folder for future reference. If you like a particular Experience, click on its image and it will display information in greater detail. Our website provides you with a live chat platform where you can communicate directly with the host. Otherwise, simply send an email with your enquiry and they will respond to you the following day. Once you are satisfied with the answers and wish to book the trip, click on the book icon. Be sure to check the dates and the number of people in your group before you check out.