Our Commitment

At Actxplorer, besides curating meaningful and experiential trips and experiences for Explorers (travelers), we also take into consideration the safety and reliability of the trip. We do our best to verify and review most of the experiences to ensure that they comply with our guidelines for “Responsible Hosting” and “Safety Guidelines”. We do our best to perform authentication checks on our Hosts and conduct most of our interviews face-to-face (phone and video interviews are done when in-person meet-ups are not possible at the time). To make the best possible choice that suits your needs, we also suggest that you read the reviews and do social media check-ups to make sure that your Host is providing exactly what you are looking for.

Our goal is to ensure that your entire experience is fun, meaningful and safe, with smooth transport to deliver you from the pickup point to the site. Our field team provides basic training guide for the Hosts on the proper way to deliver tours or conduct activities – we take your feedback and reviews seriously and constantly seek to improve through re-training and adapting to situational changes.

However, due to the unpredictability of life, unforeseen circumstances can arise and result in personal inconveniences or even injuries. Therefore, it is always wise to follow the instructions given by your Hosts and also our safety guidelines. Our suggestion is that you secure proper personal or family travel insurance before travelling. Actxplorer will not assume liability for anything that happens during the experience. We do our best to minimize risks, but we believe that Explorers (travelers) and Hosts enter into an agreement with each other voluntarily, and this is done at your own discretion.

Here are some of the safety guidelines

Don’t divulge any unnecessary information to your Host.

We advise you not to give away your phone number or personal information if you are uncomfortable doing so. We encourage all Explorers (travelers) to communicate through Actxplorer’s email or chat platform, as this is secure and traceable by Actxplorer. We will be on hand to provide assistance should be any disputes or unpleasant exchanges. We suggest you share personal information with Hosts only after you have decided to meet, or when you’ve received an acceptable level of comfort within Actxplorer’s communication platforms. Do email us at contact@actxplorer.com if you feel something is amiss when dealing with any of our Hosts.

We encourage you to always communicate through Actxplorer’s email and chat platform.

All our Hosts have signed Actxplorer’s terms and conditions. They are not permitted to communicate with any Explorers (travelers) outside of Actxplorer’s email and chat platform or solicit payment outside of our payment system. This is done to protect all our clients’ information and prevent any fraud or security issues.

Read the listing description and instruction of the tour in preparation of your experience.

We work with Hosts to curate and compile every detail of the trip and activities. We encourage you to read the listing descriptions to understand the challenges of each journey, the amenities offered, and the levels of difficulty. You should book the tour or activity that you feel most comfortable with. Be sure to go through the write-up to be mentally prepared before the experience.

Educate yourself about the local culture before your visit to ensure a smoother transition.

We will do our best to prepare you for any possible cultural differences that you should be aware of. For example, gender roles and cultural expectations can differ widely across the world, and what is acceptable in one culture may not be acceptable in other cultues that you may come across.

Take responsibility for your personal safety.

We take your safety seriously and encourage you to do the same. Our field team goes through the entire experience with your well-being in mind. Therefore, please stay within the safety boundaries suggested by the Host. If you feel unwell during the trip or activity, do inform our Host or Facilitator and we will do our best to assist you. This is to protect you and give you the maximum experiential exposure. However, we cannot predict unforeseen circumstances that may result in personal inconveniences or even injury. Therefore, it is always wise to secure proper personal or family travel insurance before travelling.