Responsible Hosting

Most of us live and work in diverse environments with people from other countries and backgrounds. At times, it can be tricky to navigate around each other’s pre-conceived notions and deal with issues sensitive to other cultures. This is particularly relevant to Actxplorer, as we are the marketplace that connects people from across the globe and offers them a platform to interact. Therefore, it is important for us to provide and uphold high standards for the expectations and responsibilities of Hosts and facilitators. The following are our core essentials.

1. Create an authentic personal profile.

Explorers (Travellers) around the world only have your picture to reference and your profile to read. Creating an authentic personal profile will give them a sense of who you are and what you can offer. It is important to take a photo that reveals your full face and clearly represents you. As for your introduction, be open and honest about who you are and the knowledge, skills and passions that you desire to share with the world. Talk about the people in your community and what it’s like to live there, so that others can see your community through your eyes and get excited about visiting.